Writing Poems About Augmentation

When a poet starts a new writing project it is useful to focus on one specific theme. Entire books of poetry have been created this way. Good examples include the works of Philip Larkin and William Blake.

Modern writers could focus on modern subjects. Body augmentation is a great example. Every year many women choose to have implants to improve both their physique and confidence levels. They will often pick Motiva as their provider because this is the most reliable company to go with.

Writing From Experience

Since so many women will have undergone augmentation there will likely be some who enjoy writing poetry as a hobby. If so, then they could use the benefits of Motiva implants as inspiration for their work. In doing so their poems will be autobiographical in nature. Writing from experience has been proven to work for professional authors. This is due to the fact that they do not need to do much research. Instead, they can focus on their choice of literary techniques.

Characters Undergoing Augmentation

Alternatively, the poem could be a work of fiction. It can be difficult to create a character from scratch. Doing so will take plenty of practice. Eventually the writer will be able to invent believable people. The poet might focus on a character’s augmentation journey. It may begin with them feeling a lack a body confidence which affects them deeply. The story could then resolve itself with the character gaining implants and having a better quality of life.

Augmentation As A Metaphor

On the other hand, the theme of augmentation within a poetic narrative does not necessarily have to be so literal. The writer may prefer to utilise it for metaphorical purposes instead. They can start by asking themselves what augmentation means to them. Examples could include self-improvement, control of one’s body shape or hope for a brighter future. The poet’s interpretation of the theme will inform the entire poem. For this reason, it is important to answer the question before pen is even put to paper.

Researching Similar Poems

Every writer will get a creative block from time to time. This can be cured by looking to other poets for inspiration. If the writer wants to focus on augmentation as a theme, then they could seek out works where it is featured heavily. It may even be worth reading testimonies from people who have utilised the services of Motiva. The more research a poet does the better informed they will tend to be.

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