The 4 Biggest Fiction Writing Mistakes

Here are some common mistakes new writers of fiction usually make so you can avoid making them.

Happy People in Happy Land

One common style with amateur fiction: writers is that they always start their story with happy characters living in perfect places without disturbance. The mistake is they feel the readers will be concerned when trouble strikes this happy land. Readers are looking for plots, twists, suspense and things that can engage their minds. The first hint of disturbance is able to capture your readers’ attention.

A place without fear

The best selling novels today are the ones that show a threat of death in almost every scene. New writers make a mistake of writing a long story without creating a sense of fear for readers. If you want your readers to keep turning pages, give them something that will leave their hands on their chest.

Marshmallow Dialogue

One thing amateurs don’t know about fiction is that dialogue is the fastest way to make or kill a manuscript. If an editor or readers see tension filled dialogues, it builds their confidence in the writer’s work. Marshmallow or undistinguished dialogue will make readers quickly lose interest in the writer.

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