Navigating Through Writers Block

If you are a writer, there are days when you will sit with a blank paper before you but your brain will be blank. No matter how hard you try to think of what to write, you will feel empty and discouraged. The writers block strikes without notice and it can be frustrating. Even the most established writers experience it as one point in their writing career. What matters is how you get out of it.

Beating Writers Block

  • Read: Yes. When you cannot write, read. Grab a piece of well-written poetry and savour the words. Get immersed into the words of your favourite fiction writer or take up a memoir that you have been thinking about. Reading great pieces of writing will motivate you to create your own.
  • Put everything away: Sometimes, the pressure of trying to urgently create is what makes it difficult to move forward. If you feel overwhelmed, it is time for you to put everything away, at least for a while and clear your mind.
  • Step outside: There are research studies that show fresh air boosts creativity and helps you think more. If you are spending too much time in your writing space, it is time for you to change the environment and go for a walk outside.
  • Try a new genre: Trying something different and outside your comfort zone could help you reignite your writing juices. If you have been focusing on creative non-fiction, maybe you should try some short pieces of poetry, or even work of fiction.
  • Find a mentor: Having a writing mentor will nudge you towards the direction of creating. There are writers who say they perform better if they have someone keeping them accountable. You can also join writing groups where people meet to discuss their progress. If there are no physical meetups, you can join virtual writing groups in different social media platforms and blogs.

Always remember that writers block is not a representation of your ability as a writer. Use it as an opportunity to strengthen your writing voice.

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