How Poetry Writers Can Safely Vape For Motivation

There is a lot of thought and creativity that goes into writing poetry. Many poets always admit that they tend to face writers block when they are thinking of coming up with a new piece. Sometimes, all it takes is for one to find a distraction such as vaping to get things moving. Here are some tips on how poetry writers can safely vape for motivation.

Everything in Moderation

While vaping is relatively safer than smoking cigarettes, poets who want to use it as a distraction and to get motivation should remember to do it in moderation. Anything that can be addictive should be done in moderation to avoid over dependency that could end up interfering with how the body functions.

Buy From Reputable Places

There have been many reports of adulterated vapes that have potential health risks. That is why you should only get the ones that are from reputable sites like Lost Mary and the ones that offer you a variety of options that you could choose from. Do your research and read reviews especially if it is your first time buying vapes both online and in physical shops.

Have a Plan

If you are a poet who is using vaping as a way of becoming motivated to write, you should also have a plan on how to go about it. Will you be vaping before you start writing so that it becomes a thing you do to get started, or will you be using vaping after you have written a few lines as a way to reward yourself and keep moving? Whichever the case, make sure you have a plan to keep you accountable.

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