Top 7 Romantic Poets

Many people have written about love in the past and even till today. Love is expressed in movies, books and even in poetry. Even though not many people get concerned about poetry, romance is still one of the popular areas that capture people’s hearts in poetry.

Here are some of the best poets that have mesmerized us with their beautiful words.


Shakespeare is considered the king of romantic poetry. One can’t deny the rich words in his poems and sonnets. Shakespeare makes words look so beautiful while sharing timeless wisdom. He has composed the most famous love poems of all time.

Lord Byron

Here is another major figure in romance poetry. He is popularly described as being mad, bad and dangerous to know. Lord Byron gave poetry lovers nothing but the best.


This great writer from Persia had so much to share to readers: about love and most of his work is being referred to today. Rumi is known to express words in their simplest form and all his observations are very accurate.

William Blake

He is both an artist and a poet. Blake was recognized after his death and though most of his contemporaries think of him as being crazy, he’s work is undeniably great. He had very unusual views about love and didn’t believe in conformity or limitations. He reflected all this in his poetry. He is considered to be part of the free love movement amongst scholars.

Pablo Neruda

Popular Nobel laureate poet from Chile, Pablo Neruda is known to compose erotic love poems. At 19, he published his work, “ Twenty Poems of Love and a Song of Despair”. This work made him very popular and sold millions of copies that have been translated into almost all languages across the world.

William Wordsworth

Wordsworth is another great romantic poet and he is the founder of the romantic age in British poetry alongside Coleridge. Wordsworth wrote so many great love poems. His love life, however, was a completely different story with an estranged wife who bore his daughter, he eventually married his childhood friend.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Coleridge is known for his work The Time of The Ancient Marina. He also published Kubla Khan. He has given readers a beautiful idea about love.

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