Anonymous Poetry

What is anonymous poetry?

Anonymous poetry is, as the name suggests, poetry that is not signed by an author, or where the author is not known or published. This is at the request of the author, who chooses and wishes to remain anonymous. This allows authors the creative freedom to write what they want, how they want and about what they want.

This form of creative expression has been enabled by and made possible through the world of social media and technology. Technology has made it easier to connect with everyone, from healthcare professionals (click here for more information) all the way to poets and authors and everyone in between. These platforms allow for increased anonymity, but also allow for authors to be seen, heard and read all over the world, all while remaining entirely anonymous.

Types of poems

  • Haiku: these are short poems that are characterized by their unique syllable count. Typically they follow a 5-7-5 structure in terms of syllables. There are no limits to the topics of these poems and they range from fun and lighthearted poems to more deep or sensitive topics. No matter the topic, the idea of these poems is to capture a simple or solid moment in time.
  • Free Verse Poems: these poems are the type of poem with the least boundaries, rules or restrictions. There is no prescribed pattern or formula for these poems. Though this makes it sound like it would be easier to write and create them, in fact it is actually much harder, as it requires an author with a level of experience or skill to be able to set up the proper tone and emotional narrative.
  • Cinquains: these have only five lines and are a spin off of the old Japanese haikus. There are many subsidiaries of these poems, from didactic to American to reverse cinquains. Edgar Allan Poe was one of the original writers of cinquains.
  • Epic Poems: these are some of the longer poems. They are typically poems that tell a detailed story about a hero or heroine, who goes on and take on interesting, exciting adventures. This type of poem is the favourite of many famous poets as it allows for a significant amount of creative freedom, but has enough structure to set some parameters.
  • Ballad Poems: these are another type of poem that tell stories, but the difference between epic poems and ballad poems are the topics of the stories. The topic and focus of ballad poems tend to be more far-fetched, like legends or fairytales. These poems often teach a lesson or focus on an ethical or moral topic. Ballads can take the form of written or spoken poem, or can also appear as songs, which is the most common way to express ballad poems.

These are just a few of many types of poems that you may see when scrolling through anonymous poems.

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