2 Facts About Stephen King You Should Know

Stephen King is the king of horror books and he has written over 60 books which are best sellers. The famous writer has had a successful career with lots of awards and most of his writings have been adapted into award-winning movies like Carrie, The Shining, Gerald’s Game, etc. Stephen King’s work is a masterpiece and is known to keep people up at night turning pages all night long while also bound to give some nightmares.

Here are some interesting facts about him that every Stephen King: fan should definitely know.

Stacking All His Books He Has Written Would End Up Being Taller Than Stephen King

Stephen King happens to be 6’4” in height which is very tall. However, for his 45 years career as a writer, Stephen King has been able to publish over 31,272 pages which comprise of 59 novels, five nonfiction books, and 200 short stories.

He Wrote Under A Pseudonym Until He Later killed His Alias

Stephen King was advised not to publish more than one book every year around the late 70s, he then decided to publish under an alias name Richard Bachman. A bookstore clerk discovered similarities and exposed it. Stephen King declared in public that the pseudonym had died of cancer.

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